Shaw Healthcare Group

Its 4,000+ staff care for 2,500 residents in seventy care homes, community hospitals and extra care schemes throughout the U.K today. It’s 51% owned by an Employee Ownership Trust.


Shaw Healthcare Group’s business consists in the development and operation of care homes, specialist community care facilities, community hospitals, Extra Care and Supported Living schemes and it is also developing Urban Care Villages.

Care in our Homes

As one of the UK’s leading health and social care providers we have a spread of residential services across the country which are often run in partnership with the respective Councils and Local Authorities.

Care Partnership / Consultancy

Many of the Shaw Healthcare Group services have been created following Shaw winning Council/Local Authority open tender processes to deliver care within a region. We design, build and manage the care services in ongoing partnerships and become a part of the community.

Integrated Care Home and Extra Care schemes

Shaw develops and operates integrated 'Extra Care Developments' which comprise of extra care flats for purchase or rent together with adjacent residential care homes. Residents of the Extra Care flats are able to enjoy the safety and comfort of their own self-contained apartment together with the associated hotel facilities of the development. They can also have as much or as little additional personal care in their own apartment as and when they need it. 

If ever they should need the intensity of care and support of the adjacent care home then this also is readily accessible to them.

Accommodation and support for people with Mental Health concerns or Learning Difficulties

Shaw also provides specialist accommodation and support for people who have enduring Mental Health concerns or who have serious Learning difficulties in low secure units as well as in supported Living schemes


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